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24 Neck Hotsale Preform for Plastic Bottle

Ürün Detayları

PET material has feature of stable structure, strong barrier, low water absorption, excellent clearance, transparency and good gloss. It has become a wide used material for water bottle, edible oil, cosmetics, etc.

Gallon bottle made of PET is BPA free. We have different weight of gallon preforms, with all standard 5-gallon neck (55mm) and also suitable standard caps. for Wide Mouth Preforms Without TailWater Bottle Preform, to Mineral Bottle Making MachinePreform Mold and Injection Molding Machine.

CavitationPreformMold DimensionMold Weight (kg)Cycle
Weight (g)Neck Size (mm)Height (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Time (sec)
2 (1*2)72055470300608330125
4 (2*2)72055490480730440130
8 (2*4)162845035041047518
12 (2*6)162860035041562518
16 (2*8)212873038044569022
24 (3*8)2828770460457107028
32 (4*8)3628810590515159028
48 (4*12)36281070590535228630