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Blow Molding Machines for 200ml Jar

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TURBO-6S 6 cavities linear full-auto stretch Blow Molding Machine, is an full electric high speed PET Blow molding machine independently developed by Waton Machinery. It can produce all kinds of bottles below 750 ml, including food packaging bottles, edible oil bottles, soda and mineral water bottles, fruit juice bottles, wine bottles, cosmetics bottles and so on.
Full Electric, Higher Output, Lower Power Consumption.Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine.


Fully Electrical, Higher Output, Lower Power Consumption

1.Servo Motors as heart of the machine, controls motions in fully electrical way. Recycle time could be shortened from 4sec to 2.2sec, double the machine output.

a.Preform Feeding System: Servo Motor controls, high speed and precisely positioning.

b.Preform Transfer System: preforms horizontal movements are driven by Servo Motor.

c.Mold Clamping System: Servo Motor drives arms, linked drive Mold Frame and Mold Base open & close.

d.Stretch System: Servo Motor precisely control Stretch Rod movement, with accuracy 1mm. Stretch Rod motion could be adjusted according to bottle design, which greatly improve flexibility of blowing adjustment, improve bottle quality Pet Stretch Blow Machine.

Schneider Motion Control System

Mold fixing by Drawer Design.Efficiency Constant Temperature Oven:

a.The most advanced high frequency Infrared Lamp, increase heating efficiency 30%-50%.

b.Each layer of lamp are separately controlled, with assistant ruler on machine.

c.Intelligent temperature control system.

d.Preform self-rotation System, ensure every side of every preforms are heated evenly, which ensure quality of blown bottle.

e.Neck Cooling in Oven.Preform Necks are cooled by recycling water, which avoid neck deformation.Blow molding machine



Theoretical Capacity


Mold Cavities


Neck Size


Max. Volume



1.Using touch screen, easy to operate, save space.

2.Mold fixed by drawer design, mold changeover can be easily done in half hour.