IMC Makine

CE Proved Fully Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Ürün Detayları

Theoretical Capacity
1800-2400 BPH
Mold Cavities
Neck Size
18-38 mm
Max. Volume
2000 ml
High productivity; easy to operate; long time after-sale service.

1. New Auto Preform Unscrambler System.

Adopts one-way preform-feeding structure and preform-separating by servo motor structure which solve block problem and abrasion problem.

2. New Heating System.

Perfect heating system design decreases power consumption.

Special oven design helps saving energy and easy maintain.

Each lamp position and temperature can be adjusted.

Cycle air-cooling system keeps the oven temperature constantly.

3. Servo System on Main Transmission.

The transmission adopts servo motor for positioning that can orientate the preform-heating base quickly, accurately and steadily when machine starts and runs.

4. Intelligent Human-Machine Interface.

Human-machine interface control, easy operation and monitor.

Live production information supervise, auto record production data everyday.

Failure warning and troubleshooting.