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Direct Sales Raw Material Pet Preforms for Jars

Ürün Detayları

CavitationPreformMold DimensionMold Weight (kg)Cycle
Weight (g)Neck Size (mm)Height (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Time (sec)
2 (1*2)72055470300608330125
4 (2*2)72055490480730440130
8 (2*4)162845035041047518
12 (2*6)162860035041562518
16 (2*8)212873038044569022
24 (3*8)2828770460457107028
32 (4*8)3628810590515159028
48 (4*12)36281070590535228630

PET material has feature of stable structure, strong barrier, low water absorption, excellent clearance, transparency and good gloss. It has become a wide used material for water bottle, edible oil, cosmetics, etc.

Gallon bottle made of PET is BPA free. We have different weight of gallon preforms, with all standard 5-gallon neck (55mm) and also suitable standard caps. for Wide Mouth Preforms Without TailWater Bottle Preform, to Mineral Bottle Making MachinePreform Mold and Injection Molding Machine.