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Ürün Detayları

ECO-2L is our most popular model for electrical Auto Blow Molding Machine in 2020. Its excellent quality is widely phraised. It can blow PET bottles up to 3 L. The capacity is 1800~2400 BPH. Pls tell me your bottle’s dimentions , net weight , production capacity even your financial budget, I’ll provide you a satisfactory solution.

Theoretical Capacity
1800-2400 BPH
Mold Cavities
Neck Size
18-38 mm
Max. Volume
2000 ml

1. Adopt most advanced microcomputer control system, high stable performance.

2. High safety factor: no personal injury hidden danger, avoid the danger of semi-automatic manual bottle taking, reduce the loss caused by accidents, improve the production efficiency.

3. Labor saving: the machine can be operated by one person or by one person at the same time, saving 4 to 6 times of labor force.

4. The whole machine adopts the super standard anti vibration structure, which can reduce the vibration to the minimum when the machine is running at high speed, greatly extending the service life of accessories.

5. Using infrared lamp heating, strong penetration, bottle body rotation heating, orbit revolution, heating evenly, fast and reliable.

6. The air circuit design divides the action and blowing into three parts to meet the requirements of different air pressures.

7. Easy installation and starting.The production process is fully automated, with the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple maintenance and safety.