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High Speed Automatic 4 Cavity PET Blow Machine

Ürün Detayları

Model ECO-4L Automatic Stretch-blow Machine is newly designed and reformed on previous experience of our manufacture. Main feature of this model: 1.Servo motor controls the preform stepping motion; 2.Compact with 4 cavities, center distance 139.7mm; 3.Newly high efficiency Ruby Heaters; 4.It is an ideal equipment to make different-shaped containers, such as mineral water bottle, beverage bottle, cosmetics bottle, medicine bottle, pesticide bottle, edible-oil bottle, wine bottle, milk bottle, etc. With reasonable investment and high efficiency, it helps you raise production and save energy.with Air Compressor.


1.Upgrade to Servo Motor Drive:

a.Preform Feeding System: Servo Motor controls, high speed and precisely positioning.

Preform Feeding Chain adopts composite Nylon polymer, light, wear resistant, no deformation. Dimension on Nylon chain is made according to Preform Neck size. Perfect matching to avoid preform stuck and reduce friction between preforms.

b.Preform Transfer System: preforms horizontal movements are driven by Servo Motor. Make preforms 4pcs/6pcs as one unit, overall simplified stepping motion, achieve high-speed positioning and smooth motion. To complete one step cycle, the Servo Motor drive gear rotate only one-third of a turn. Speed of preform moving is 2 times of Cylinder Driven way.

2.Mold fixing by Drawer Design.

Push the mold, fix the positioning screws. Mold changeover work can be easily done in half hour.

3.Efficiency Constant Temperature Oven:

a.The most advanced high frequency Infrared Lamp, increase heating efficiency 30%-50%.

b.Each layer of lamp are separately controlled, with assistant ruler on machine.

c.Intelligent temperature control system.

d.Preform self-rotation System, ensure every side of every preforms are heated evenly, which ensure quality of blown bottle.

e.Neck Cooling in Oven. Preform Necks are cooled by recycling water, which avoid neck deformation.



Theoretical Capacity

3600-4500 BPH

Mold Cavities


Neck Size

18-38 mm

Max. Volume

2000 ml


High productivity; easy to operate; long time after-sale service.