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Quality Assurance 4 Cavities Semi Plastic Blowing Machines

Ürün Detayları

This Super Quality plastic Bottle Making Machine is 4 Cavity semi Automatic Blow Molding Machine, blowing bottles up to 1.5L, used for the series kinds of PET-PP bottle, such as the edible oil bottle,medicinal bottle, drinking bottle,cosmetic jars, Wild-mouth bottle and so on.

Theoretical Capacity
Mold Cavities
Neck Size
Max. Volume
Wide range of application. Infrared heaters, independently adjustable, simple structure, stable running.
1.Adopting advanced MICOM control system, stable performance;
2.Adopting infrared tubes heating, with strong penetration, bottle preform rotation heated,

the rail revolution, heating even, fast and reliable;

3.The heating tube, heating area width and height can be adjusted to suit for different structure of the bottle preform, also with the automatic vent heat temperature device, in order to ensure the channel with constant temperature;

4.Each step had safety lock device, when a process failure, the program will switch to the safety state automatically;

5.The action driven by cylinder, instead the oil pump, with the advantage no pollution,lower noise;