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Semi-auto 2 Cavity 500ml Blow Molding Machine

Ürün Detayları

MS Series is traditional model of Semi-automatic Stretch-Blow Molding Machine. Each set of MS Series machine is composed by two parts: Bottle Blower and Infrared Preform Oven.Suitable for various PET bottles from 100ml to 20L, wide range of application. Infrared heaters, independently adjustable, simple structure, stable running.Semi-Automatic Blow Molding Machine.


Hand Feeding Blow molding machine.Wide application, can make any PET bottles with any shapes from 50ml to 20L.

PLC control, easy operation.

Using the new clamping system with double crank four tie-bars, the cross balanced fixed glide, strong clamping force.

With Pre-blow function, produce higher quality PET bottles, lower defective rate.

Advanced air circuit design, low pressure for clamping, sealing and stretching; high pressure for blowing bottles.

With infrared heating, every layer can be adjustable independently, frequency speed control, cooling air for neck cooling, achieves perfect bottle.