IMC Makine

Two-Plate Series

Ürün Detayları

High Guiding Accuracy Due To Transmitting Track Double Cylinder Injection, Eliminating The Overturning Torque Of Injection Mechanism, Ensuring Stable And Reliable Injection Modular Design, Simple And Neat Efficient, Precise, Stable, Safe No Welding, No Leakage Synchronous Ejection 

Short Stroke, Fast Pressure Buildup Symmetrical Distribution, Uniform And Independent Control Of Die Force, One Key Mold Adjustment

Large Bearing Capacity, High Parallelism Of Cross Plates
Precise Guidance And Good Mold Protection Low Friction, Fast Mold Closing

Compact Design, Large Operating Space, Short Brake Stroke, Fast Response Buffer Design, Low Noise

Long Mold Opening And Locking Stroke, Large Modulus No Copper Sleeve, No Lubrication Design, Clean And Neat Die Surface

Human Computer Interaction And Friendly Operation
Highly Ergonomic High Performance Multi-Core CPU

High Energy Efficiency, Low Noise, High-Precision